Apartments are situated on the little hill, with unique view of the old town and the «wide» sea. Special treat is sitting on one of the terraces with view of the sea and numerous little islands both, in the mornings and in the evenings. Distance from the sea is 150m. There is private parking with natural shade. Parking and car wash are included in the price. Accomodation includes comfortable and airy two and three bed bedrooms with modern kitchen and bathrooms and also apartments for four and six person.


Visitors can use «fish house» with cooking facilities where landlord will provide welcome fish specialty and red wine «Babić» on the house expense. During their stay, visitors can use «fish house» to prepare for themselves any fish or meat dishes, with host help if needed. Quality home made wine «Babić» produced from own wine yard, fresh fish, a house specialty, known to the guests for the last 25 years.